Why Some People Can’t Handle Success

Success is truly a blessing that anyone should be thankful for, however there are some people who are not that capable of handling success. You must be thinking and asking yourself, “Do those kinds of people really exist?” and “What the heck?! Why?” It is true. There are really some people who are not able to handle success too well and there is a major reason why that is so – self-perception. Unknowingly, the way people perceive themselves also translates to how they handle success or even failure.


In general, people perceive themselves and their skills and abilities in two ways. There are some people who view their abilities and their selves very flexibly while there are some people who view their skills and abilities as unchanging, steady and fixed. The people who have a fixed view of themselves and their abilities are mostly the people who experience stress and anxiety the most. They are very easily disturbed when unexpected or unplanned events happen. These people think that they have got everything calculated and under control but when the situation turns out to be something different from what they have calculated, it can be very discomforting on their end. This is a common end result for people with a fixed view of themselves and this applies whether they experienced failure or success. Also these people have set such standards and expectations which when not met or achieved causes high anxiety and even depression. This may seem odd but there are people who function daily in this way.


This self-perception can be managed or fixed if it is already causing too much stress or anxiety. This self-perception is usually a behavior that people learned or have picked up in their life. It has been trained on them in such a way that their life actually walks in this fixed view guideline. Knowing that this point of view is trained means that for the said people to manage or fix it, they would just need to unlearn it. People with fixed view can try to slowly foster your creativity by learning something new and something out of the box in certain situations or decisions that needs to be done. They can also practice removing the limitations that they have set on their selves so that they will be able to be more flexible than usual. This may come to be very hard at the beginning for undoing something someone has been used to would be quite a serious job but the fruits will surely be rewarding. Removing stress and anxiety in life is one of the best gifts one can give to their self.


Handling success should not be hard and stressing but rather an event in life that needs celebrating and enjoying and this goes no matter how small or big success can be. Having a fixed or limited view of yourself will only box a person’s capabilities and skills instead of foster and develop them. Success is success even if it took a different path than the one you paved, so stop stressing over it.