Why I Love Winter

Each of us has our own favorite season. Some like the fun and lively activities of summer. Others love the artistic feeling that spring brings us while still others love the serenity and calmness that autumn holds. But there is also a lot of us who falls in love with the coolness and purity of the winter season. Here are several reasons why I love winter:

Cuddles, Snuggles, or Hugs

Whatever you want to call it, winter gives all of us the opportunity to share a warm embrace. Winter is the best season to curl up under a soothing blanket while enjoying a warm coffee or chocolate and a good movie or book. This alone warms any heart and if you can cuddle with someone special it is just pure heaven.


Winter Turns Any Place into a Playground for All

Winter brings out the inner child in all of us by covering all outdoor grounds of snow. No matter what age group you are in, no matter what your gender or status is, you will be able to enjoy all the winter games with children, friends and family members. Wage a friendly war with snowball fights or lie down on the white snow and create snow angels. There are so many games and activities you can engage to. Winter helps awaken the sleeping children inside our hearts.


Winter Gives Us the Break We Need

With the other seasons, it would feel that we are bombarded with a lot of things we need to accomplish here and there. There are house chores, daily walks, maintaining the garden and more. But when winter comes, it gives us a legal permit to just take things a bit slower and take that break we badly need. You can just stay home and sit on the sofa doing absolutely nothing but just enjoying the guilt-free benefit of winter.


Winter’s Comfort Foods Are Truly Incomparable

While you may miss your favorite ice creams and snow cones in winter, you will be able to enjoy the other sumptuous foods which were not as delectable in the other seasons. Hot choco and coffee are sure nice in the evening and early mornings, but you will be able to enjoy them the whole day in winter. Hearty and flavorful soups which are enjoyed only every once and a while can now be appreciated every single day. These two and lot more warm and sumptuous foods can only be truly enjoyed in the winter season.


Winter is Bug-Free

Most of us are not comfortable living together with bugs. Others are allergic to them while others even have phobias but the bottom line is, bugs, at some point or another bother us. Winter gives you a bug-free season since bugs need to migrate somewhere else because of the temperature change or sometimes, some of them tend to freeze and die. One thing is for sure though, there will be no bugs on winter.


There are surely more reasons that we can write and the list can just go on and on about the many special things and activities that can be enjoyed on the winter season.