What’s in a Name?

On the day that any baby is born, the first thing being done is giving them a unique name. Whenever we get a new pet, we also give them a name. There are even people who also give names to inanimate objects that are so special in their hearts, like teddy bears or their favorite pillow. If we open up a business, we also think of a very unique and striking name. So what is in a name that makes it a protocol in most things we get, receive or conceive?


A name is the most difficult idea to come up to yet once conceived. Most people take names for granted. Others would say that names are just given to people, business or ideas so that they can easily be identified however, there are more to names than their usual for identification.


  • Names are used for easy connection.

Names are not just identifiers that separate one from another. That is the main idea but looking further down, names are also used so we could all easily connect with each other. Imagine calling everyone “Hey!”, “You!”, “Girl”, or “Boy”, it would be quite difficult and confusing. This will blur out any connection or bond we want to form.


  • Names make us all special from the rest.

Whether you are a person, an animal, or a business, having a unique name makes each and every one of us special among the rest. Our names tell others that we are not just any other man, woman, animal or business.


  • Names are good for understanding perspectives and ideas.

Branding ideas that turn to careers or business are good not only because we want to be known but also to let people understand what our ideals and perspectives are. With names, there is no need for explanations as the brand or name itself would tell the people what the business is all about.


Names may just be a group of letters put together and conceived by people. But names are actually deep ideas which are grouped together to give meaning, identity and express love and care to a person, animal, place or business.