Ways to Avoid the Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Scam

There are so many scams circulating nowadays, but we are specifically warned to avoid Nigerian scams. One of which would be the Nigerian 419 scam. Nigerian 419 scam is a form of crime trickery using fraud through money transfer scam. This scam is done by sending you a deceptive message with complete details via email. Nigerian scam will use popular people, popular individuals to lure you in sending them the money needed to transfer the reward that you have received from these supposed famous groups, organizations and many others. They seemed to be so promising that there are people who fall in their tricks. Here are some of the things you have to remember to avoid Nigerian scams:

• Avoid Nigerian scams by never entertain promising offers especially when sent via email. Nigerian scams often use the promise of large sums of winnings on a certain lotto draw to lure to something. Assuming that you have won the anniversary raffle draw of a certain popular banks across the world. But they will tell you to send an amount for them to be able to transfer it to your name. And this amount of money is lesser than your reward.

• Avoid Nigerian scams by not falling for added logos and IDs in scam emails. Most recently, they are able to use IDs and Logos of banks and etc. for you to say that they are really legit. Remember, nobody is dull enough to send personal Ids over the net because of possible identity stealing.

• Avoid Nigerian scams by not considering the “Get rich easily!” scheme. Wherever you will go, whatever you do no one gets rich overnight.

• Avoid Nigerian scams by not trusting emails asking for donations. If you received an email asking for you to send money to help somebody-delete it right away and do not entertain them further. Donations must not be solicited via emails. If you want to send one, do make an intensive check and research about the foundation. Most of those asking for donations through emails are just plain scams.

• Avoid Nigerian scams by not giving any information. Never give your personal identification, having your ID scanned, credit cards, debit cards or any bank account information using email.

A Nigerian scam is an act punishable from all over the world, so do not be afraid to report them.