SEO Tips Post Google Penguin 2.1

Another update was released by Google on the 24th of April 2012 – Google Penguin. Google Penguin was developed so Google can easily combat the fast rising web spam or the over optimization some websites do. Google also aims to have more quality as well as the diversity of the websites which links to your own website and the other way around. In light of this new update, Google also comes to penalizing spam websites which garnered a high percentage of unnatural keyword anchor text links from websites which are irrelevant to their niches. There some SEO tips that can be followed post Google Penguin’s release so that you will be able to optimize your website the white hat way.


  • Unique is always the best.

When we say unique is best, this pertains to the unique contents in your sites. This has always been deemed as one of the best practice that is always taken for granted by most website owners. Now that the Google Penguin has ruled, make sure that you will be posting only completely unique contents on your website. Google Penguin has been strengthened to give priority in indexing unique contents while duplicate contents have been placed on lower spots. Make sure that you are writing with good grammar and spelling as well since both of these can contribute to the uniqueness of your articles.


  • Relevance matters.

Take heed on this advice as well. You have to make sure that the links or keywords you want to promote or use are relevant to the topic of your content. This is where relevance comes in. For instance, if you are creating an article which talks about gardening and you have your links pointing to a laptop website, Google Penguin would see this as irrelevant from your article.


  • Broaden your horizons in using anchor texts and link types.

Anchor texts must be varied in a way to make them look natural. In this light, you should not make use of one exact anchor text many times in your article. Instead you can make use of other words like “go here”, “read more here” and the likes so that your backlinks will look normal. Link types must also be varied in every article. To make this clear, if in one article you have talked about effective diets, you can try creating another article which talks about the top exercises that help people who want to lose or gain weight. Be random and be creative.


  • Utilize social networks.

Google Penguin also appreciates some back links coming from social networks like Facebook, Google +1, Twitter, Tumblr and others. Facebook shares and likes, Twitter tweets, plus 1s, as we as Tumblr posts also pleases the Penguin.


Some of the things you have to keep in mind to have the Penguin’s favor is a) uniqueness, b) organic c) diverse and d) many multiple and trusted sources. These are all key ingredients that have already been advised way before blogs and websites took their fame. All you need to do is exercise them until you create a firm and strong foundation that any Google updates will not be able to pin down.