Marketing Tips for Beauty Schools

Marketing a beauty school imposes a lot of work. By the term marketing itself, you should expect to hurdle over several challenges along the way. You should reach not just within your target community, but also stretch forth to a wider market.


These tips have been consolidated for your reference and to give you an idea on how to jump start your marketing endeavors for your beauty school.


Tip #1: Establish an online bearing

In the revolution of the modern age, mass media was empowered by the advancement in the means of communication. Take it for your own advantage. Start this by setting up a blog or a website that showcases what your beauty school has to offer. Post pictures of your activities. Showcase you facilities. Post your teachers’ credentials and show the world what you have that others don’t. Hype your marketing attempt by participating in social networking sites. It doesn’t cost any penny setting up a page for your beauty school. Take Facebook for example. With 1.01 billion users who interact a day, reaching even just 10% of them will definitely make a difference.


Tip #2: Launch Your Beauty School Locally

Advertising locally can be done in so many ways. You should concentrate more on this since the community where you belong is your primary target. Organize a public launching program. Advertise in your local newspaper and television. Offer a free tour in your beauty school or even grant discounts to the first 100 enrollees. The choices are endless.


Tip #3: Conduct a feasibility study

This is totally not rocket science. This means that before you actually plan for the rest of your marketing endeavors, try to check if the idea of having a beauty school in the community clicks. You can do this by a feasibility study. This does not need to be complicated. Handing out a few survey forms is a start. Going to schools and asking the students first hand for their preference is another.


These three steps will give you the general idea of the whole marketing process. Setting up a beauty school is not a child’s play and it takes a lot of effort. Don’t let your efforts go straight down to the sink. Reach your clients! Let your beauty school be known.