Marietta GA, A Growing City

Are you looking for a good place for you or your family to live in? Then why not try Marietta, Georgia. Marietta, Georgia is a growing city which is developed to accommodate contemporary living and foster a strong sense of community while still preserving its unique history for the younger to generation to ponder in and learn from. Marietta City is located in the central areas of Cobb County in Georgia, US and Marietta is considered as the Cobb County’s largest city. As per the current census in 2010, Marietta City has about 56,579 in total population making it one of the largest suburbs known. Climate-wise, Marietta is said to have a humid subtropical climate which is regarded with mild to cool winter days and hot humid summer season.


Marietta has a number of parks and recreational facilities that both you and your family can truly enjoy. Some of these wonderful amenities include Marietta Square’s Glover Park, sports facilities like basketball, tennis, volleyball and more, conference centers, historical and educational museums and theatres as well as recreation centers where community events can be held. Marietta Square alone is already a good amenity to have in Marietta. It is a central gathering place for the whole community and can be found at the heart of the city. As said earlier, Marietta Square has the iconic Glover Park where festivals, markets, special events and concerts are held. Marietta Square is landscaped in colorful Victorian setting. It also has a gazebo which is utilized for events especially with prom and weddings. There are also restaurants, antique shops and contemporary, theatres as well as museums that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It is also developed with playground for kids to enjoy and what is good is it has free parking space for everyone.


Aside from parks and recreational amenities, Marietta, Georgia also values education which is why you can have your children enroll in esteemed schools in the city. These schools include Marietta City Schools, Life University, Kennesaw State University, Southern Polytechnic State University and Chattahoochee Technical College as well as libraries that can supplement a good number of informational books that students and readers alike can reference to. There are also a good number of medical centers and clinics like WellStar Kennestone Hospital and Cobb & Douglas Public Health to ensure that any medical assistance will be promptly attended to. While some of the well-known utilities in Marietta are Comcast, AT&T, Gas South, and Marietta Power and Water. Marietta City’s government also gives importance to the environment and to green living which is why they have ongoing and stable projects that lead to a healthier environment like strict sanitation schedules, regular curbside garbage pickup as well as information on recycling.


With all of these wonderful features that Marietta, Georgia sports, more and more people are moving in Marietta for an enjoyable and quality lifestyle. Because of this Marietta, Georgia has been considered as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.