Is There Really a Time to Quit Trying?

We have always been advised that in life we should keep trying and we should keep fighting and that no matter what happens, we should not quit trying. There are even those people who have grown up keeping this thought in mind. But is there ever a good time to quit trying?       While it is true that there are moments in life that we should not give up, there are also situations, circumstances and life events that we need to start thinking logically and quit trying. There are different times when we should quit trying on the goals that we pursue and these times vary from person to person or situation to situation.      We can quit trying if we feel that we are already wasting our time.

If you are just wasting much of your precious time, with no gains, improvements or developments, you can quit trying. You have to start pondering if the goal you are trying to pursue is really for you and if it is still feasible for you to hold on and keep trying. Most of the time, we hang on and do not give up because we feel bad for the time and effort we have already exerted but it will be more wasted if you keep on going even though it is already futile.      We can quit trying if what we pursue no longer reflects who we are.   Do not let “not giving up” change the person that you are. Sometimes we need to give up so we can salvage whatever it is that we still hold dear to ourselves. Sometimes overdoing “not giving up” will change you as a person and sometimes the change is negative. So while it is early and once you recognize that it no longer reflects who you are – quit trying.      We can quit trying if the strategies we do no longer work.   Sometimes we quit on trying not because we are sore losers but what we do no longer helps us reach our goals. People who take a break and quit trying are smart people who stopped knocking their heads on brick walls. People who quit trying are often doing so to get a better view of what they need to do and assess what has been done wrong. This way you will be able to determine if you need to quit trying for good or you just have to change your approach to things.       When we quit on trying, we should not feel bad as there are take away lessons learned in the process. Closing this door, only gives you the opportunity to open a better door that might even be better for you.