Investing in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country located at the Northeast Africa, or more commonly known as Horn of Africa. It is considered the second largest country in the continent in terms of population which estimates to 91 million people. One of the large chunks of its GDP is from its agricultural industry which constitutes 43%. These are some of the deciding factors that may help investors on choosing whether or not to pursue investing Ethiopia. Among the other reasons on why investing in Ethiopia is a good decision are the following:

  • Investing      in Ethiopia is good because Ethiopia is abundant with agricultural      sources.      It has almost 20 agro-ecological zones and 49 subzones. From these,      Ethiopia is one of the top countries in the world that contains diverse      resources that can be put into industrial use and eventually for export.      Investing in Ethiopia is a good opportunity to utilize these resources      such as crops, vegetables and flowers. The main plants grown in Ethiopia      are those which can be counted as food, beverage and cash crops and the      flowers for horticulture and flori-culture. Their main export product is      coffee.
  • Investing      in Ethiopia will provide your business with a large market. Being one      of the more populous countries in Africa, it has a relatively large      domestic market which demands various commodities. Moreover, Ethiopia      enjoys preferential access to the member countries of Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)      which houses up to 400 million people.
  • Investing      in Ethiopia is good because Ethiopia also enjoys      preferential access to places such as USA and the European Union and is      not restricted by quota and even tax free. Investing      in Ethiopia, your products can easily be exported to these countries,      making room for a large international market.
  • Investing      in Ethiopia is good because one of the other perks in choosing to invest      in Ethiopia is it has a cheaper cost of labor compared to its neighboring      countries.      Its people has shown improvement when it comes to technical abilities and      skills with the increasing number of universities and colleges in the      country.

These are some of the reasons why investing in Ethiopia might be a rewarding risk. Aside from the above mentioned, some of the other factors are the country’s pleasant climate and the attractive packages offered to foreign investors.