How to Be a Child Again

Every year that comes add up a number to our age and day by day, adulthood is inevitable. Being an adult is quite complex as we tend to stress more over little things and over analyzing simple situations. And it is in these times we look back on those years when we were young and carefree. Those youthful years are the times when life really spells s-i-m-p-l-e and e-a-s-y; nothing much to worry and more things to enjoy. And then, we sigh and wish that we could children again. There are actually simple ways that we can do awaken every child in us.


  • Loosen up and do not deny yourself from hobbies and sports

Remember when we were younger; there are times of the day or the week when we are allowed to indulge ourselves in some art activities, dancing lessons, or even play some good outdoor games or sports with our friends. You can do this again. Start having a hobby or sports day once or twice a month. Do scrapbooking, start painting, learn dancing or play some sports and games. Tag along some good friends and before you know it, you are having a youthful time again.


  • Eat some sweet stuff (or any of your favorite food)

Have you been denying yourself of some sweet foods because the community you are in despises people with some extra pounds? Do not stress out over this. People will not burn you at the stake just for eating some sweet stuff. Enjoy your favorite ice cream every once in a while. Buy yourself your favorite chocolate and candy and munch some while walking or while working. Sweet foods especially chocolates bring out some “happy hormones”. This is the main core of being a child, being happy and carefree.


  • Do not be afraid to make a mistake

Making mistakes were one thing we do way back then. It is in these mistakes that we learn some good lessons in life as well as shape us to be the person that we are. We care less about what other people think when we were young, what was important was feeding our hunger for exploration and curiosity. Ask questions, learn something new and do not be afraid if you stumble and make a mistake. At the end of the day, what will matter is the lesson you which you will be able to take away with you.


We may not be able to bring back our youth physically, but we can surely go back to being the lively souls we were back then. Being happy and carefree helps us in being children again. This will also lessen all those signs of aging that is and will take their toll on us.