Ethiopian Music – Some Facts

Ethiopian music might be the best thing that you will ever hear. Their music is a combination of their own and all the outside influences from places nearby. Each of the Ethiopian tribes holds a certain sound that can be distinguished from the others. Because of this diversity, Ethiopian music became an icon as one of the extremely diverse music in the whole world. 


Despite the changes in today’s generation, music in Ethiopia was successfully preserved and the style of their playing was kept original – especially the religious Ethiopian music. It was defined during the reign of their King Gabral Masqual by someone named Yared. Yared is a legendary Ethiopian musician credited for the invention of the country’s religious Ethiopian music. He was the one who composed the very first Zema or chant in the tradition of Ethiopian music. If you are going to listen to the country’s music, you can really hear that it has a strong foundation that was rooted in both Christian and Muslim music. 


Each of the countries in the world holds a different way of making their own songs. The way they make can be explained by learning the theory behind it. Ethiopian music uses a different mode which is called pentatonic. They play it in a distinct manner by making the intervals in each note longer than what everyone of us usually hears. Ethiopian music is produced by instruments are just tuned by the ears and they do not usually follow the tempered way of tuning like the one used in Western music. 


One of the biggest names in the Ethiopian music scene nowadays is the pop star Gossaye Tesfay. He was widely known for composing lovely ballads that will surely entice everyone listening to fall in love. People describe his music as “not pushy, but not shy”.