African Businesses in The USA Face Different Challenges

Businesses regardless of any color and sexes, or any classification of man you have in mind, face challenges. This rings true with African businesses. These challenges if taken negatively, can lead to a businessperson’s downfall. Like most of the many countries around the world, each faces almost similar cases with a little variation in circumstances that leads to the question of success or not.

Today, you may believe it or not but there is a big question of the real shot of oppression in  African owned businesses. It seems that they are also experiencing the problem in holding loyalty and

African Tropical Food Stores – Challenges in Maintaining Food Freshness

Food in particular is a common necessity and probably one that is essential to the development of one’s health and well-being. However, taste and food in particular is something that people are sometimes sensitive about especially when you are talking about freshness of food. Many African food stores prove to be in their best efforts in keeping the food they sell as fresh as it can be. But, what are the challenges that these African food stores face in keeping the food they serve and offer fresh? read more

Basics of Investing

Whether starting your business here in the United States or Ethiopia, some truths still remain the same. You may have heard of success stories of people investing in the stock market. It is no hoax. The stock market can turn ashes into riches as it can turn riches to ashes. The idea of investing in the stock market is really promising. But with the current economic conditions of the country, many have fallen back.

In this article, we will try to unveil to secrets and demystify the process of starting an investment, step-by-step, in the so-called haven of risk takers.