Wassily Kandinsky: Path Lawyer Artist

Wassily Kandinsky - Blue-red, 1922 Attorney Ned Ogueri. Attorney Zeribe Ned Ogueri,  Zeribe Law Offices . Who would have thought that a lawyer could become one of the most influential artists of all time? Law and art do not seem to be of compatible fields at all. However, a certain attorney was able to prove this assumption wrong. Working at a law firm did not allow him to escape from what he was bound to be. Wassily Kandinsky is an art theorist and a renowned Russian painter who was credited for creating the first purely abstract works that the world has ever known.

The Life of Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky was born as Vassily Vassilyevich Kandinsky, on December 16, 1866 in Moscow. He spent most of his time growing up in Odessa. He went to the University of Moscow to learn about economics and law. Kandinsky was very successful in his chosen profession as an attorney at a law firm. He was even offered a job as a professor (Chair of Roman Law) at the University of Dorpat. It was at the age of 30 when he started painting studies such as anatomy, sketching, and life drawing.

Ned Ogueri, attorney at law. Kandinsky lived in Munich in 1896. He first studied at a private school called Anton Azbe before studying at the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1914, he went back to Moscow because of the World War I outbreak. He did not have any sympathy for the Communist Moscow’s official theories in art, so in 1921, he returned to Germany. It was there that he started teaching at the Bauhaus School of Art and Architecture. He worked there from 1922 until 1933 when the Nazis had it closed. Kandinsky moved to France for good after that. It was in 1938 when he became a French citizen and showed the world some of his famous art works.

At Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1994, this lawyer turned artist held his last breath.

Wassily Kandinsky as a Lawyer

Attorney Ned Ogueri. Attorney Zeribe Ned Ogueri,  Zeribe Law Offices  Wassily Kandinsky earned his degree in law from the University of Moscow. He then proceeded in teaching at the Moscow Faculty of Law until the year 1896. After that, he became the managing director of a printing and publishing business in the same city.

Wassily Kandinsky as an Artist

It was at the age of 30 when his life turned. From having a career as an attorney at a lawfirm, Kandinsky pursued art. Here were some of his greatest works:

  • The White Dot (1923)
  • Picture with an Archer (1909)
  • Landscape with Two Poplars (1912)
  • Improvisation No. 30 (1913)
  • Composition VII (1913)

There are already quite a number of lawyers/ attorneys at a law firm or law students who have depicted their creative sides on art. Some of them consider it as a hobby while some consider it as a spark in their lives as they practice law. This just shows the world that it does not matter what profession you are in when it comes to art. It does not matter whether you are an attorney, lawyers such as  good car accident lawyer  or immigration lawyer, judge, or someone working at a law firm – you can never stop the creativity from flowing through you. Attorney Ned Ogueri. Attorney Zeribe Ned Ogueri,  Zeribe Law Offices