African Businesses in The USA Face Different Challenges

Businesses regardless of any color and sexes, or any classification of man you have in mind, face challenges. This rings true with African businesses. These challenges if taken negatively, can lead to a businessperson’s downfall. Like most of the many countries around the world, each faces almost similar cases with a little variation in circumstances that leads to the question of success or not.

Today, you may believe it or not but there is a big question of the real shot of oppression in  African owned businesses. It seems that they are also experiencing the problem in holding loyalty and support from their own race. Yes, you heard it right. Many African businesses claim that even patrons with the same color as they, no longer shows support and that no one appreciates and recognizes the essence and existence of Cooperative Economics in their system. Most often, these African businesses call them the assuming “white-to-be” in their own race. They call it a betrayal on their part. Many consider the fact of the history of racism in the state; the truth that lingers in their mind about slave mentality. They just cannot get over with the truth of such system that they apply it on their own race.

The following are some of the challenges that the African businesses must overcome and consider, because these are the reasons why African Americans consider whites over them:

  • The feeling of freedom that black Americans attain when they are able to buy from the whites instead from African businesses.
  • Believing that they are being accepted when they avail white services and products.
  • They do not feel satisfaction in patronizing their own races’ businesses because of the fact that like them, they have been slaves for the whites.
  • They do not recognize and they do not know Cooperative Economics.
  • To attain status quo because they believe that whites are high in quality and standard.
  • They do not want to see their co-black American to be progressive.

African businesses consider this odd, because as a race, one needs to be cooperative with its own. How would they attain a good review to others if their own race would not even avail the services that they offer and use their products? It is like saying, how would you know if it is truly effective when you yourself, the author or the inventor of a product, did not use it? These challenges are not common only to those African businesses but for some other countries too. It is strange that having this kind of mentality is not rare anymore. This must end up. If African Americans would really want to get the respect that they want, to have a place in the society, they must build a strong foundation of unity. It is in unity that one is able to stand up in their own and be able to say to the world that they are not just a nobody, but that, they are part of the society, of the world where they live with integrity.