African American Churches in Atlanta

The church had, and still has, great importance among the black people in America, especially in Atlanta. The church has served as an unquestionable spiritual and social core of the African American community in the city. Here are some of the historic African churches in Atlanta that will forever be important in the history of the black people in Atlanta.

  • The Ebenzer Baptist Church

One of the African churches in Atlanta is the Ebenezer Baptist Church. This church has been founded in 1886 and is considered as the home to many influential figures who shaped the city of Atlanta as we know it today. Around the 1960s, both the senior and junior Martin Luther Kings served on the church as co-pastors. They have worked really hard in providing spiritual guidance.

  • Big Bethel AME

Another from the collection of the African churches in Atlanta is the Big Bethel. The foundation of this church dates back in 1847 which marks it as the oldest African American church built in Metro Atlanta. Thirty two years later, the first public school in Atlanta for the African Americans was built on the basement of the Big Bethel and was aptly named as Gate City Colored School. Big Bethel was also known in another name. It was recognized as “Sweet Auburn’s City Hall” because of the importance it exuded among the black community in the city. The Big Bethel still stands until now and it also served as aide-mémoire of the many milestones that marked on the history of the city.

  • Friendship Baptist

Friendship Baptist is another church from the many historic African churches in Atlanta. It was built in 1862 and among the African churches in Atlanta it is the oldest, to date, African American Baptist church in the city. This church has played a very important role in the city’s educational system. The church was also where Atlanta University, Spelman College, and Morehouse College’s first classroom was situated. Friendship Baptist was also known as the Mother Church among the many Atlanta Baptists.

There are many African churches in Atlanta as these sacred places play an important role to many African Americans in the United States.