Pablo Picasso: An Influential Painter

Pablo Ruiz y Picasso (Pablo Picasso), a painter, is considered as one of the most influential artists of all times. His birth date is October 25, 1881 and he was born in Spain. Upon baptism, he was named “Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Crispiniano de la Santísima Trinidad”. He was the eldest son of Don José Ruiz y Blasco and María Picasso y López. They basically belong to a middle-class family since his father is also a painter. Even on Pablo’s Read more [...]

Investing in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country located at the Northeast Africa, or more commonly known as Horn of Africa. It is considered the second largest country in the continent in terms of population which estimates to 91 million people. One of the large chunks of its GDP is from its agricultural industry which constitutes 43%. These are some of the deciding factors that may help investors on choosing whether or not to pursue investing Ethiopia. Among the other reasons on why investing in Ethiopia is a good decision Read more [...]

Ethiopian Legal System

It was on December of the year 1994 when the FDRE (Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia) Constitution was ratified by the then newly elected federal parliament. From this, a comprehensive description of Ethiopian legal system will be discussed and put into focus. Ethiopian Legal System Related to Institutions There are two houses under the FDRE      Constitution that is concerned with the country’s legislative functions.      These are the House of Federation or the HOF and the House Read more [...]

Ethiopian Arts and Craft

They say that to know a place very well you should know three things about it: their music, traditions and arts and craft. These three things are the defining factors of a place’s culture which can truly set them apart from others. Ethiopian arts and craft are truly amazing. Everyone who will see it will definitely have that look of awe in their faces; the beauty of how they create their pottery and ceramics and how they paint their arts is truly one-of-a-kind. Common Products The Ethiopian Read more [...]

Wassily Kandinsky: Path Lawyer Artist

Who would have thought that a lawyer could become one of the most influential artists of all time? Law and art do not seem to be of compatible fields at all. However, a certain attorney was able to prove this assumption wrong. Working at a law firm did not allow him to escape from what he was bound to be. Wassily Kandinsky is an art theorist and a renowned Russian painter who was credited for creating the first purely abstract works that the world has ever known. The Life of Wassily Kandinsky Wassily Read more [...]

Claude Monet: Father of Impressionism

Every artist of the world knows the man who inspired Impressionism – Claude Monet. He was able to capture the beauty of nature with his unique, vivacious, and spontaneous style of painting. Short Biography On November 14, 1840, Claude Monet was born in Paris, France. He grew up in Le Havre with his father hoping that he would be a grocer, but Monet loved the field of art. He was able to build a reputation as a charcoal impressionist as he was growing up. Monet earned his first income by making Read more [...]

The Artworks of Leonardo Da Vinci

Most people know who Leonardo da Vinci is because of his impartations in the art industry all over the world. Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in Italy. Actually, his birth name was Lionardo di ser Piero da Vinci. He is also considered as a polymath, which means that he can do many things. He was a sculptor, painter, mathematician, inventor, architect, engineer, musician, writer, botanist, geologist, anatomist, and cartographer. He was a genius. He got most of his fame because of his Read more [...]

Michelangelo Buonarrotti -The Man behind the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

An Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, poet, and architect – those are the reasons why Michelangelo Buonarrotti is one of the best artists of all time. Michelangelo Buonarrotti got his formal education from Bertoldo di Giovanni, a sculptor, and Domenico Ghirlandaio, a painter. His knowledge in Classical antiquity, which he got in Florence, greatly influenced his works. Buonarrotti was able to meet some of the best scientists of his generation because of Lorenzo de’ Medici. He transferred Read more [...]

Marketing Tips for Beauty Schools

Marketing a beauty school imposes a lot of work. By the term marketing itself, you should expect to hurdle over several challenges along the way. You should reach not just within your target community, but also stretch forth to a wider market.   These tips have been consolidated for your reference and to give you an idea on how to jump start your marketing endeavors for your beauty school.   Tip #1: Establish an online bearing In the revolution of the modern age, mass media Read more [...]

Phablet or Laptop for Busy Professionals?

There are a lot of gadgets which were developed to make our lives easier whether at work or for personal usage. First there were cell phones, smartphones, and touchscreen smartphones so we can connect with other people by calls and text messages. Then there are laptops we often use for business, work, school and personal purposes. These were made lighter and carry around computers which functions much like our traditional home personal computers which are bulky and which have lower specifications. Read more [...]

SEO Tips Post Google Penguin 2.1

Another update was released by Google on the 24th of April 2012 – Google Penguin. Google Penguin was developed so Google can easily combat the fast rising web spam or the over optimization some websites do. Google also aims to have more quality as well as the diversity of the websites which links to your own website and the other way around. In light of this new update, Google also comes to penalizing spam websites which garnered a high percentage of unnatural keyword anchor text links from websites Read more [...]

What it Takes to Quit a Good Job and be your Own Boss

There will always come a time when our jobs will take their toll on us because of several reasons. It can be because of burn out, stress, a monstrous boss, uncomfortable work environment and the list can go on and on. You may come to a point when you ask yourself, “What it takes to quit my job?” and start to manage a business of your own. Leaving a job is not an easy feat to do. A person who came to a realization that they no longer want to continue their job would not only need ample time Read

African American Churches in Atlanta

The church had, and still has, great importance among the black people in America, especially in Atlanta. The church has served as an unquestionable spiritual and social core of the African American community in the city. Here are some of the historic African churches in Atlanta that will forever be important in the history of the black people in Atlanta. The Ebenzer Baptist Church One of the African churches in Atlanta is the Ebenezer Baptist Church. This church has been founded in 1886 and Read more [...]

Why I Love Winter

Each of us has our own favorite season. Some like the fun and lively activities of summer. Others love the artistic feeling that spring brings us while still others love the serenity and calmness that autumn holds. But there is also a lot of us who falls in love with the coolness and purity of the winter season. Here are several reasons why I love winter: Cuddles, Snuggles, or Hugs Whatever you want to call it, winter gives all of us the opportunity to share a warm embrace. Winter is the best Read more [...]

Ethiopian Music – Some Facts

Ethiopian music might be the best thing that you will ever hear. Their music is a combination of their own and all the outside influences from places nearby. Each of the Ethiopian tribes holds a certain sound that can be distinguished from the others. Because of this diversity, Ethiopian music became an icon as one of the extremely diverse music in the whole world.  History Despite the changes in today’s generation, music in Ethiopia was successfully preserved and the style of their playing Read more [...]

African Businesses in The USA Face Different Challenges

Businesses regardless of any color and sexes, or any classification of man you have in mind, face challenges. This rings true with African businesses. These challenges if taken negatively, can lead to a businessperson’s downfall. Like most of the many countries around the world, each faces almost similar cases with a little variation in circumstances that leads to the question of success or not. Today, you may believe it or not but there is a big question of the real shot of oppression in  African Read more [...]

Ways to Avoid the Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Scam

There are so many scams circulating nowadays, but we are specifically warned to avoid Nigerian scams. One of which would be the Nigerian 419 scam. Nigerian 419 scam is a form of crime trickery using fraud through money transfer scam. This scam is done by sending you a deceptive message with complete details via email. Nigerian scam will use popular people, popular individuals to lure you in sending them the money needed to transfer the reward that you have received from these supposed famous groups, Read more [...]

Is There Really a Time to Quit Trying?

We have always been advised that in life we should keep trying and we should keep fighting and that no matter what happens, we should not quit trying. There are even those people who have grown up keeping this thought in mind. But is there ever a good time to quit trying?       While it is true that there are moments in life that we should not give up, there are also situations, circumstances and life events that we need to start thinking logically and quit trying. There are different times when Read more [...]

Do Fiverr Seo optimization Gigs Improve or Hurt Online sites?

For only $5, you can purchase a service at Fiverr, internet market place that offers many different services. Both freelance workers and service customers are able to use the many services that Fiverr offers. SEO gigs are among the popular gigs on Fiverr. Many different SEO gigs can be found on Fiverr. Fiverr SEO gigs are many – Search engine optimization tips and hints, link building, social bookmark creating and other gig types can be purchased. But the real question is, will they actually benefit Read more [...]

African Tropical Food Stores – Challenges in Maintaining Food Freshness

Food in particular is a common necessity and probably one that is essential to the development of one's health and well-being. However, taste and food in particular is something that people are sometimes sensitive about especially when you are talking about freshness of food. Many African food stores prove to be in their best efforts in keeping the food they sell as fresh as it can be. But, what are the challenges that these African food stores face in keeping the food they serve and offer fresh? Keeping Read more [...]

Basics of Investing

Whether starting your business here in the United States or Ethiopia, some truths still remain the same. You may have heard of success stories of people investing in the stock market. It is no hoax. The stock market can turn ashes into riches as it can turn riches to ashes. The idea of investing in the stock market is really promising. But with the current economic conditions of the country, many have fallen back. In this article, we will try to unveil to secrets and demystify the process of starting Read more [...]

Marietta GA, A Growing City

Are you looking for a good place for you or your family to live in? Then why not try Marietta, Georgia. Marietta, Georgia is a growing city which is developed to accommodate contemporary living and foster a strong sense of community while still preserving its unique history for the younger to generation to ponder in and learn from. Marietta City is located in the central areas of Cobb County in Georgia, US and Marietta is considered as the Cobb County’s largest city. As per the current census in Read more [...]

Is 7.8 Percent US Unemployment Rate Acceptable?

For nearly four years now, the United States unemployment rate dropped from 8.1 percent to 7.8 percent. It has been reported that this drop in rate was because many people have claimed that they are now employed and has roughly risen to 873,000. As calculated by the government, the numbers of Americans who are currently unemployed are at about 12.1 million which is actually the least number ever since January of 2009. It was reported that around September the Labor Department has released 114,000 Read more [...]

The Nigerian Advance Fee Scam

Though our community and the government are doing their best in keeping us all safe and secured we also have an innate responsibility to protect ourselves physically and financially. There are many scams out there that are just waiting for us to fall prey and lose our hard-earned money. One of these scams is the Nigerian Advance Fee Scam which is widely spread in the country today as well as in other parts of the world. The Nigerian Advance Fee Scam – or 419 as it is commonly called- is a scheme Read more [...]

Natural Herbs – Which Ones Work?

Whenever we feel pain or do not feel well and rest or sleep simply does not work, we then resort to commercially prepared medicines that can alleviate our illness. But there is an alternative way on how you can ease pain or make yourself feel better without the use of commercial medicines and this is through natural herbs. Natural herbs are far better than commercially prepared medicines since these will be easily absorbed by the body because of the natural and healthy ingredients they contain. Here Read more [...]

How to Be a Child Again

Every year that comes add up a number to our age and day by day, adulthood is inevitable. Being an adult is quite complex as we tend to stress more over little things and over analyzing simple situations. And it is in these times we look back on those years when we were young and carefree. Those youthful years are the times when life really spells s-i-m-p-l-e and e-a-s-y; nothing much to worry and more things to enjoy. And then, we sigh and wish that we could children again. There are actually simple Read more [...]

Why Some People Can’t Handle Success

Success is truly a blessing that anyone should be thankful for, however there are some people who are not that capable of handling success. You must be thinking and asking yourself, “Do those kinds of people really exist?” and “What the heck?! Why?” It is true. There are really some people who are not able to handle success too well and there is a major reason why that is so – self-perception. Unknowingly, the way people perceive themselves also translates to how they handle success or Read more [...]

What’s in a Name?

On the day that any baby is born, the first thing being done is giving them a unique name. Whenever we get a new pet, we also give them a name. There are even people who also give names to inanimate objects that are so special in their hearts, like teddy bears or their favorite pillow. If we open up a business, we also think of a very unique and striking name. So what is in a name that makes it a protocol in most things we get, receive or conceive?   A name is the most difficult idea to…